Graduate Research

Student Highlight: Studying Immigration Through Cookbooks

Eric Funabashi's latest article, “Japanese Immigrants’ Pantry: Creating Eating Habits and Identities with Brazilian Ingredients” explores the role of cookbooks in supporting the creation of new eating habits and identities during the Japanese immigration to Brazil.

Funabashi's research is published in 'Gastronomica: The Journal for Food Studies,' and he is featured on and episode of their podcast.

Eric Funabashi stands in front of snow-capped mountain with a 'thumb's up' hand gesture

Defended Dissertations

The following dissertations were defended at the completion of the 2020-2021 academic year.

  • Dusty Clark, "Tradition Reinvented: The Reimagination of Kanpō Medicine in Twentieth Century Japan" | Advised by Megan Greene
  • Michael Hill, "The Imperial Drawbridge: Alaska and the U.S. Pacific Empire" | Advised by Sheyda Jahanbani and Drew Isenberg
  • Ariel LaGue, "'Right to Painless Death:' The Fight for Humane Animal Slaughter in the Cold War United States" | Advised by Sara Gregg
  • Melissa Lunney, "What is a Witch Worth? The Value of Men at the Conclusion of the Salem Witch Trials" | Advised by Kim Warren
  • Brian Trump, "Sex Crimes and Criminal Sexuality: Legislating and Policing Community Boundaries in Nebraska, 1880-1980" | Advised by Beth Bailey

Past Dissertations

  • Andrew Avery, “Land of the Midnight Sun: Antarctica and the British Empire, 1893-Present” (2020) | Advised by Erik Scott
  • Mandi Barnard, “A Moral Good: The Gendered Differentiation of Working-Class Girls’ Education in Britain: 1902-1945” (2020) | Advised by Nathan Wood
  • David Hill, “The Perception of Holiness: Spiritual Idealism in Late Medieval & Reformation England, 1350-1539” (2020) | Advised by Eve Levin
  • Alana Holland, “The Art of Retribution: Holocaust Memory and Justice in People’s Poland and Soviet Lithuania, 1944-69” (2020) | Advised by Nathan Wood
  • Robert Jameson, “Silicon’s Second World: Scarcity, Political Indifference and Innovation in Czechoslovak Computing, 1964-1994” (2020) | Advised by Nathan Wood
  • Patrick Klinger, “The Climate of Union: An Environmental History of the Anglo-Scottish Union, circa 1660-1707” (2020) | Advised by Gregory Cushman
  • Ashley Neale, “Restructuring the National Security State: President Richard M. Nixon, the War in Vietnam, and Executive Reorganization” (2020) | Advised by David Farber
  • Ximena Sevilla Benavides, “On the Edge of the Wild: Representations of the Montaña Region of Peru before the Rubber Boom (1530-1870)” (2020) | Advised by Gregory Cushman
  • Hosub Shim, “The Forgotten Army: The Republic of Korea Forces’ Conduct in the Vietnam War, 1965-1973” (2020) | Advised by Adrian Lewis
  • Jennifer Warburton, “The Crisis of Protestant Dissenting Identity on the Eve of the American Revolution” (2020) | Advised by Luis Corteguera