History students in cap and gown at the 2019 commencement ceremony

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One of the most enjoyable places to consume sake is the traditional Japanese gastropub known as an izakaya, literally “an establishment to sit and drink sake.” The interior of an izakaya provides a much cozier atmosphere than a typical bar, and often with a more diverse array of foods, fro

LAWRENCE — Although having grown up in South Dakota, Elaine Nelson knew very little about the Black Hills until she took a college history class on the American West.

The bay of Portobelo, from the viewpoint of the 17th century Spanish fort (built by enslaved Africans) that looks upon hills housing the likely site of Santaigo del Príncipe, was the first community established by former maroons after their peace with the Spanish. Photo by Robert Schwaller.

LAWRENCE — The saga of enslaved peoples remains a complicated history. But a new book has made it even more complicated. “I argue that this is really the first successful example of enslaved resistance in the Americas,” said Robert Schwaller, associate professor of history at the University of Kansas.

History students in cap and gown at 2019 commencement ceremony