Admission to the Minor

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Admission and Declaring a Minor

The Department of History has no admission prerequisites or requirements before declaring a minor. You can become a History minor by scheduling an appointment with our Advising Specialist to fill out a Minor Declaration Form. We urge you to meet with the Director of Undergraduate Studies and our Advising Specialist when you declare, so that we can get to know you and your interests, explain the minor, and help you get the most out of it. There's no set time for doing declaring your minor, but you should try to contact the department early for advising, preferably before the end of your sophomore year.

History and...

With the new KU Core curriculum in place, it often makes sense to consider double or even triple majoring in history and something else. Because general education requirements have been reduced dramatically and are much more focused on outcomes than content under the KU Core, it’s never been easier to take classes in a variety of disciplines while crafting an education that gives you broad training and expertise. History courses can fulfill almost every Core requirement, leaving you with plenty of freedom to take numerous classes in business, economics, political science, museum studies, regional or international studies, foreign languages, or whatever else interests you. The department is currently working on ways to work with other schools in the university, as well, so that journalism majors, for example, can have a co-major or concentration in history. A history minor fits nicely with these and other fields by helping provide historical background and context.