The Constitution Reflection Award

The History Department is pleased to announce the creation of the Constitution Reflection Award, to be awarded to an undergraduate student annually.

The Constitution Reflection Award

This Award challenges KU students to comment on the enduring importance of the United States Constitution and its presence in our everyday lives. Each year, students will be invited to submit an audio visual reflection in response to a given prompt. Any undergraduate student who has enrolled in a History course during the academic year is invited to apply. The winner will be awarded $500 and their submission will be featured on the Department of History website.

2022-2023 Prompt:
Reflect on the role of amendments to the U.S. Constitution in expanding or restricting individual rights


Submissions will be evaluated according to how well they address the given prompt; acknowledge historical context or change over time; demonstrate nuance or complexity of thinking; draw upon the work of other scholars and sources; convey information in a creative or compelling way.

Award amount: $500

Eligibility: Any KU undergraduate student enrolled in a history course during the academic year (Fall 2022-Spring 2023) of the award period.

Submission Requirements:

  • 3-4 minute video or audio/video presentation
  • MP4, MOV., AVI., WMV
  • Information Sheet and Reference List, of a minimum of four sources


Submissions accepted December 1, 2022 through April 14, 2023 by 12:00 pm. Award announced May 2023.