HIST 501: Topics In Western History: Immigrant Stories


Sheyda Jahanbani

Day & Time:
11:00 AM - 12:15 PM

Category I
Map of United States

Topics In Western History: History of Migration

“Immigration” has been a hot-button issue in US politics for over a decade but what does that really mean? Why does a so-called “nation of immigrants” undergo so much debate about this issue?  

This research-based course will give you a framework for understanding immigration and the complex experiences of migrants, refugees, and diasporas. We will discuss the history of immigration, including the origins and development of domestic and international legal regimes that have governed human mobility since the 19th century, the economics of immigration, the domestic and international politics of immigration, and the stories of migrants & refugees in US history. This course will give you an opportunity to research questions that interest you about immigrant experiences and the politics of immigration and will provide you with hands-on training in the skills required to create a digital history project.