HIST 353: Indigenous Peoples of North America

Instructor: Kent Blansett

Day & Time:
1:00 PM - 2:15 PM

KU Core Goal 4.1
Category II

Profile of two indigenous peoples cloaked in an american flag

Indigenous Peoples of North America

This course explores the dynamic histories of over five hundred Indigenous nations in North America that stretch back to the dawn of all creation. This class will provide students with a historical overview of the peoples, cultures, places, conflicts, policies, and other historical events that have shaped modern Native nations and U.S. relations. Indigenous Peoples of North Americas begins with an introduction to the complex Indigenous cultures, societies, and nations that range from the tip of Argentina to the northern expanse of Alaska. We will investigate the origins and ideologies that defines American colonization and western expansion. All students will gain an in-depth knowledge of Federal Indian policy and law, religion, culture, race, diplomacy, revolution, sovereignty, nationalism, and the Red Power movement. This course will provide students with a rich experience and appreciation for the historical study of Indigenous nations and peoples. All the assignments in this class are designed to build conceptual thinking and to strengthen writing skills.