HIST. 104: Intro to African History

Instructor: Hannington Ochwada

Day & Time:
11:00 AM - 12:15 PM

KU Core Goal 1.1, 3H
Category II
An illustrated map of Africa with regions being represented by types of dress, daily life and houses.

Introduction to African History 

This is a thematic African history course introducing students to social, political, and economic developments from the origins of humanity to contemporary times. It cultivates an appreciation of the continent of Africa, its inhabitants, cultures, and economic experiences as part of the global village. Using different approaches, including lectures and group discussion, the course enlivens past and present patterns of African immigration within the continent and impact on the diaspora. We use a variety of narratives and archival sources of past eras, contemporary scholarship, and popular discourse to capture the African experience at home and in the diaspora.

This course satisfies Goals 1.1 and 3H of the KU Core.