HIST. 328: The Modern Middle East

Instructor: Marie Grace Brown

Day & Time:
Tuesday & Thursday
9:30 AM - 10:45 AM

Category Fulfillment: II

Graffiti under a bridge depicting a black and white graffiti tank on the move, pointed towards a black and white profile image of a child riding a bike and a panda.

The Modern Middle East 


Afghanistan. Big oil. The Arab-Israeli conflict. Women driving in Saudi Arabia. This wide-ranging survey (1800-present) provides the historical background to some of the most pressing issues of today’s Middle East. We begin with the fall of the Ottoman Empire and the establishment of new state boundary lines, move on to the hopes of Arab solidarity in the post-colonial moment, and conclude with the diverse ways that people in the Middle East have struggled to maintain their power and identity in the face of persistent Western intervention. The stories that we’ll encounter tell of tragedy and triumph, as the Middle East underwent two centuries of unprecedented political and social transformation. In addition to a core textbook, we will use films, short stories, and poetry to access Middle Eastern voices. Class lectures are structured around significant student participation. Assignments include two 6-8 page papers, a midterm, and a final exam.