Meet Taylor!


Where are you from?

I am from Villa Park, IL (A West Suburb of Chicago)

What brought you to KU?!

The Chick Evans Caddy Scholarship

Tell us why you chose to major in History:

I choose a history major for three main reasons. I wanted to achieve a greater sense of understanding for major historical events and motivations for them and apply that to how my world view has been comprised. The value of learning about people in a vast context is a solid source of making sense of the world and the people in the systems and roles that govern it. Additionally, I have known for quite some time that I wanted to become a lawyer and go to law school, I thought, in order to do this the practice in the two main skills required (reading and writing) in this pathway would be great to develop and refine right now. Lastly, a common cliché I have decidedly only used half of, is that learning and understanding agents of past can correct and inform the present and future. I truly believe this in conjunction with analyzing the reality as we live it today, creates the most valuable, well-rounded, and compassionate individual.

What’s the coolest History class you’ve taken?

HIST 510 American Indian Food and Health with Dr. Mihesuah.

Who is your favorite historical figure?

A tie between Nikola Tesla and Abraham Lincoln.

What’s your advice to anyone studying history?

Engage genuinely and critically and the value you will gain will apply to more facets of life than you realize.

What do you do in your free time?!

I am the President of both the golf club team at KU and the Evans Scholar scholarship house, so while these and school don’t take up all my time, I love to work out, am an avid cyclist, and outdoorsman.

Favorite Study Spot:

Love to study on the second floor of Ritchie, I always see red-tail hawks out of the windows.

Senior Thesis topic:

The effects that specific Supreme Court appointments had on the general public opinion of the U.S. Government and more acutely, the efficacy of the judicial branch thereafter.

What are your plans after graduation?

I plan to attend law school to pursue a Juris Doctor degree.