Anton Rosenthal

Anton Rosenthal
  • Professor Emeritus

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His long-term research interests are primarily in the themes of urban public space, transportation, popular culture and streetlife in early 20th century Latin America, though he has also been publishing material on the worker press of the region and on teaching. He is developing an interest in the visual history of Latin America, particularly in the southern cone region, ranging into the contemporary period. Dr. Rosenthal retired in 2020. 


In recent years his courses moved toward the global in scope and toward specific themes in coverage. Following the surrealists, he takes a collage approach, bringing in films, photographs and a wide array of alternate voices that often are in juxtaposition, forcing students to analyze a range of materials before coming to their own conclusions regarding culture, ethics, the legacies of colonialism and the importance of space.

Past Courses:

  • HIST 303: Sin Cities
  • HIST 308: Key Themes in Modern Global History
  • HIST 337: History, Ethics, Modernity

Selected Publications

  • "The Moveable Archive of the Sadly Neglected Postcard," The Metropole, February 25, 2020.
  • "Sin Cities: From History to Sociology to Urban History, An Interdisciplinary Journey," Journal of Urban History, 45:4, July 2019, 656-670.
  • "Representing the Street: Buenos Aires 1900 Through the Eyes of Travelers," The Metropole, June 6, 2018. 
  • “The Streetcar in the Urban Imaginary of Latin America,” Journal of Urban History, January 2016, 42:1, 162-179
  • “Moving Between the Global and the Local: The Industrial Workers of the World and Their Press in Latin America,” in In Defiance of Boundaries: Anarchism in Latin American Historyedited by Geoffroy de Laforcade and Kirwin Shaffer (University Press of Florida: Gainesville, 2015), 72-93.