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Prof. Megan Greene is Promoted to Full Professor! 👏🎉

LAWRENCE – Chancellor Douglas A. Girod has approved the promotion and award of tenure, where indicated, for 50 individuals at the University of Kansas and Edwards campuses and 110 individuals at KU Medical Center campuses.

Foundation Distinguished Professor Beth Bailey received the 2022 Samuel Eliot Morison Prize from the Society for Military History

LAWRENCE — Foundation Distinguished Professor Beth Bailey received the 2022 Samuel Eliot Morison Prize from the Society for Military History.

Prof. Eric Rath weighs in on Japan's food history involving one of our favorite foods: 🧀!

CHIYO SHIBATA STANDS IN A small concert venue, her signature white towel tied around her head. Behind her is a group of taiko drummers and in front of her is a small table with a burner, milk, and salt. As the drumming begins, she takes a deep breath and begins to make cheese.

History and Spread of 'Stations of the Cross" Explored in New Book

LAWRENCE — Nearly every Catholic church in the world displays paintings, windows, plaques or statues that depict the Stations of the Cross. But how exactly this pervasive (and surprisingly modern) devotion came to be is the subject of a new book.

KU Junior To Compete for Beinecke Scholarship

LAWRENCE — The University of Kansas has nominated a junior for the Beinecke Scholarship Program. Each year the Beinecke Scholarship offers 20 scholarships to undergraduates who intend to pursue a research-focused master’s or doctoral program in the arts, humanities or social sciences.


The University of Kansas senior class has honored Sarah Jen, assistant professor of social welfare, and Jonathan Hagel, assistant teaching professor of history, with 2021 HOPE Awards — to Honor an Outstanding Progressive Educator. 

"The Medicalization of the Transsexual: Patient-Physician Narratives in the First Half of the Twentieth Century"

The endeavor of individuals who want to medically change their gender has become a hot-button topic in contemporary society. But it’s actually been part of the cultural dialogue for more than a century.

Untold History of Panama's Successful Enslaved Resistance Detailed in 'African Maroons' Book

LAWRENCE — The saga of enslaved peoples remains a complicated history. But a new book has made it even more complicated.

Drinking in Tradition: A Short History of Izakaya

One of the most enjoyable places to consume sake is the traditional Japanese gastropub known as an izakaya, literally “an establishment to sit and drink sake.” The interior of an izakaya provides a much cozier atmosphere than a typical bar, and often with a more diverse array of foods, fro

Clash of US Empire and Indigenous Peoples of Black Hills Chronicled in ‘Myth-Mapping’ Article

LAWRENCE — Although having grown up in South Dakota, Elaine Nelson knew very little about the Black Hills until she took a college history class on the American West.

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