HIST 598: Sexuality and Gender in African History

Instructor: Elizabeth MacGonagle

Day & Time:
2:30 PM - 3:45 PM

KU Core Goal 4.2
Category II
Painting of hands holding the world within a symbol of peace

Sexuality and Gender in African History

To help students cultivate an appreciation of changes that have taken place in the lives and experiences of the inhabitants of Africa as they negotiate sexuality and gender on the global stage, this course walks students on a past historical journey leading to contemporary times. Based on research, the course lays special emphases on life histories, rites of passage, marriage and reproduction, art and education, colonial policing of gender and sexuality, negotiation of masculinity and womanhood, as well as interrogating emerging discourses on gay and transgender identities in postcolonial Africa. The course uses sexuality and gender to understand the unique historical process of Africa as its inhabitants negotiate globalism. 

HIST 598 counts for goal 4.2 of the KU Core.