HIST 501: Topics In Western History: Digital/Public History


David Trowbridge

Day & Time:
4:00 PM - 6:30 PM

Category I
Poster of Rosie the Riveter

Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union

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The course offers an introduction to public history with an emphasis on digital resources and media. Students in this class will explore skills, tools, methods, and platforms that historians are utilizing around the world to support their research and engage the public. Each week, students will explore the potential of new technology to support their goals as they produce and publish work that connects the public to well-researched histories that explore places, people, and events. Students will receive a basic introduction to various skills and tools that can help them build their final projects, including recording audio and video and publishing content to the web. Applying these skills, students will create a project of their choice in consultation with their instructor. Examples of potential projects include building a website, creating a virtual tour of a museum or historical site, producing a podcast, and authoring a digital walking tour. With the mentorship of the instructor and the support of their classmates, students will produce an individual digital project while also contributing to a shared class project.

In place of traditional assignments like exams and papers, students will produce projects of their choosing using a variety of free technologies. All material is provided, and no computer, audio, or video experience is needed.

Keys to success in this course include research and writing skills, a collaborative spirit, discipline and self-direction, and a willingness to try new things and work together as part of a team.

Headlining Image:
“We Can Do It!,” poster by J. Howard Miller that became associated with Rosie the Riveter.
National Archives, Washington, D.C. (ARC identifier 535413)