HIST 355: U.S. Borderlands Since 1848

Instructor: Tiffany González

Day & Time:
11:00 AM - 12:15 PM

Category I
A collage of mexican labor workers, a map of the world zoomed in on mexico, an aerial view displaying traditional mexican cuisine, and an image of Selena wearing a fuchsia sparkly suit while she sings into a a micraphone.

U.S. Borderlands Since 1848 (Race, Gender, and Politics)

This course focuses on the Mexican borderlands region after conquest and acquisition by the United States from a historical perspective. Themes include race relations, immigration, labor, gender & sexuality, politics, culture and popular culture, and the environment. In class, students will watch Selena and My Family to understand the social, cultural, and political conditions of the U.S.-Mexico borderlands from a pop culture lens.