HIST 319 – History, Women & Diversity in US

Instructor: Kim Warren

Day & Time:
Online | 2nd Half

Core Fulfillment: 4.1
Category Fulfillment: I
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HIST 319 – History, Women & Diversity in US

Women have been at the forefront of activism and social change in the United States throughout the country’s history.  Using interdisciplinary materials, this course will focus on a broad range of women’s experiences in order to interrogate the notion of diversity in the United States.  Students will work on papers and audio/visual projects (rather than exams) during the semester.

Topics include:

Doctor Mom Chung, the first Asian American woman doctor in the United States

Leslie Marmon Silko, a Laguna/Pueblo Native American writer and poet

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, a book about an African American woman, whose cells were harvested and ended up

providing the foundation for polio vaccines and other medical breakthroughs

Wonder Woman, a feminist superhero with an extraordinary backstory

Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, before she was notorious, she succeeded in getting the US Supreme Court to consider sex discrimination

This course meets Goal 4.1 of the KU Core.