HIST 308: Key Themes in Modern Global History

Instructor: Eric Funabashi

Day & Time:
Online 1st Half

Category II
Painting of World Map

Key Themes in Modern Global History 

This class will use a thematic approach to studying world history from the late fifteenth century to the present, focusing on such themes as: empires and nation-states, the environment and disease, war and revolution, unfree labor, and imperialism.

In addition to their textbook, students will read articles and primary historical documents from around the world. Class sessions will include lectures, occasional film clips, and discussions about the course readings that will require students to analyze and interpret historical articles and documents.

In addition to the readings and class participation, assignments include a mid-term and final exam, several quizzes, and a paper on a world history topic of interest to the student. The class will help students develop their writing and critical thinking skills, in addition to gaining knowledge about world history and the world we live in today.