HIST 129: History of US After the Civil War

Instructor: David Farber

Day & Time:
Lecture: M/W
11:00 AM - 11:50 AM
Discussion Sections Held on Fridays

KU Core Goal 3H
Category I
Illustration of judge in front of detainees

History of the United States After the Civil War 

In this overview of recent U.S. history we will ponder four broad questions: what has equality meant in the United States; how has democracy worked; how has the American economy developed; and what role has the United States played in the world?

We all meet Monday and Wednesday for fifty minutes in the lecture hall.  All students also attend a discussion section that meets once a week for fifty minutes.

We will read and discuss primary source texts, such as William Jennings Bryan’s populist manifesto (1896), as well as works of history, such as Crack: Rock Cocaine and Street Capitalism.