HIST 129: History of US After the Civil War

Instructor: Kent Blansett

Day & Time:
Lecture: M/W
10:00 AM - 10:50 AM

KU Core Goal 3H
Category I
a collage of progressive era cartoons, civil rights movement, 9/11 ground zero and a woman during the Vietnam protests.

History of the United States After the Civil War 

This course surveys American history from the end of the Civil War in 1865 to the present. Throughout the semester students will explore the political, economic, legal, social, intellectual, gendered, and cultural changes that occurred throughout this dynamic period. We will pay particular attention to several topics: Reconstruction, Populism & Progressives, Labor movements, the Great Depression, World War II, Civil and Human Rights, Cold War Diplomacy, Vietnam, and 9/11. Lectures and readings will also highlight how America and its citizenry constantly redefined itself and ushered in our modern era. In particular, students learn how the American political spectrum was defined and reimagined by both the populace and their elected leaders. Finally, students are afforded the opportunity to learn about the rise of consumerism, marketing, innovations, and technological changes that propelled America into the 21st Century. This class features two exams (a midterm and final), a map quiz, primary source analysis, and reading quizzes.