History of US Through The Civil War

Instructor: Elaine Nelson

Day & Time:
1:00 PM - 1:50PM

KU Core Goal: 3H, Cat I
Category Fulfillment: I

HIST 128: History of US Through The Civil War

This course is a survey of United States history from Indigenous and pre-European/Asian/African contact in North America to the end of the Civil War. The class focuses on content instruction through readings in a textbook, primary source analysis, and class lectures. Topics in this course include early accounts of Native American, European, and American cultures, exploration, colonization, resistance, and the formation of what became the United States. We will trace through the American Revolution, the development of the early U.S., the market revolution and transformation of the frontier, regional and sectional divisions, slavery, borderlands, and the Civil War. The themes in this course also cover gender, race, class, labor, and religion in America.