Colonial Latin America

Instructor: Robert Schwaller

Day & Time:
Online | 1st Half

Category Fulfillment: II
An old illustration of The Lienzo de Quauhquechollan, ca. 1530, depicts an alliance between the Indigenous community of Quauhquechollan and Spaniards.

HIST 120 Colonial Latin America 

This class examines the encounters that shaped Latin America from 1450-1820. We examine the Aztec and Inca Empires, the expansion of Spain and Portugal, and the formation of a multi-ethnic, multi-racial colonial society. Major emphasis is placed on the experiences of Indigenous peoples, Africans, and those of mixed ancestry.

Students will engage directly with primary sources (translated into English) to understand the experiences of people living during this time. The goal of this course is to develop students’ ability to analyze historical sources and make arguments about the past.

Topics covered by the course include: Indigenous and European empires, conquest, race and racial identities, economy and development, and independence.