HIST. 150: Intro to Food History: Around the World 8 Dishes

Instructor: Eric Rath

Day & Time: Online Course, 1st Half Semester

Category I/II
An aerial view of spread that has many different kinds of food laid out on bright blue table. Many different arms cheers their beverages over the table.

Around the World in Eight Dishes: Introduction to Food History

Foods and drinks such as chocolate, coffee, curry, and olive oil have changed the world in ways that transcend national boundaries; this course follows their stories tracing routes of imperialism and globalization while attentive to the impact of these foods on indigenous peoples.  Each week offers new foods and new discoveries drawing from cases globally to ask why people choose certain foods, what that says about their culture, and how foods and drinks have changed historically.  Besides learning how food can be a window to history and gaining an introduction to the interdisciplinary methodology of food studies, this course will help you understand the consequences of what you eat in terms of your own body, the environment, and communities a world away.