HIST 399: The Samurai

Instructor: Eric Rath

Day & Time:
Online lectures, Asynchronous, Eight-weeks

Category Fulfillment: I
A samurai on a horse, depicted from the back as he views a lake with birds congregating around a temple in the mountains.

The Samurai

Japan's warrior class, the samurai, dominated politics and society for more than half of recorded history.  This course traces the history of the samurai from their origins to the dissolution of their class in 1877, examining their military role, philosophy, and cultural contributions.  It also considers continued references to the “spirit of the samurai” today and other modern myths about them.  By taking this course, students will gain an understanding of the contributions of the samurai to Japanese history and familiarity with the methods historians use to study them. Though a background in the topic will be helpful, this course does not require prior knowledge about Japan or Asia.

Online lectures, asynchronous, eight-weeks