HIST. 362: The American Way of War Since WWII

Instructor: Adrian Lewis

Day & Time:
12:30 PM - 1:45 PM

Category Fulfillment: I

Soldiers in a field watching military helicopters arrive.

A History of the American Conduct of War from World War II to Operation Enduring Freedom

This course is a study of the military conduct of World War II: hence, we will study the Normandy Invasion, Operation Barbarossa – the German invasion of the Soviet Union, the British and American Strategic Bombing Campaigns, the Stalingrad Campaign, the Holocaust, the U.S. Navy’s Midway Campaign, the Marine Crops’ battle for Iwo Jima, the decision to drop the atomic bomb and other major campaigns and battles. The political, social, diplomatic, and cultural aspects of the war are examined in relation to the military conduct of war. In this course, we will study, analyze, and discuss the evolution of air, ground, and naval operations, doctrine, strategy, technology, tactics, command and control, and leadership. Students are required to attend lectures, complete required reading, view required documentaries, participate in discussions, and complete midterms and final exams.