HIST. 300: Modern Africa

Instructor: Hannington Ochwada

Day & Time:

KU Core Goal: 4.2
Category Fulfillment: II
Side by side images depicting modern African architectural designs inspired by traditional huts along side bustling city of busses and skyscrapers int he city of Addis.

Modern Africa 

This course centers on the making of African modernity from the late nineteenth century to the present, interrogating challenges posed to African nationhood and globalism. Modern Africa is designed to introduce students to modern African history and cultivate appreciation of the continent, its inhabitants, cultures and experiences as part of the global village. We employ a variety of sources used by historians to imagine and create a cogent narrative about Modern Africa. The course encourages student to develop their own answers to pertinent questions, fleshing out their thoughts and arguments through discussion, and historical writing based on primary and secondary sources.

HIST 300 satisfies Goal 4.2 of the KU Core.