HIST 351: American Indians and White Relations to 1865

Instructor: Kent Blansett

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KU Core Goal 4.1 Category II
a painting of an an indigenous american couple draped in an american flag.

HIST 351:American Indians and White Relations to 1865

In this course, students explore this dynamic period in American Indian history moving from ancient times to colonization and what is popularly termed the Indian Wars (the longest war in American history). We will cover such topics as ancient cities, genocide, colonization, assimilation, resistance, treaties, citizenship, removal, law, biography, popular culture, and much more. Students will gain an appreciation for how Native nations overcame insurmountable odds to challenge destructive colonial policies and maintained their sovereign status. Arguably one of the most significant eras in all of world history, throughout the semester we will argue this historical question through a series of lectures, discussions, and course readings. Students enrolled in this course will gain an in-depth historical perspective on policy, law, economy, religion, military, environmental, race, gender, and much more. This course is designed to build conceptual thinking, enhance historical argumentation, methods, and writing skills—through two exams and a semester long research paper.