HIST. 518: Capitalism and the Black Experience

Instructor: Nishani Frazier

Day & Time:
1:00 PM - 2:15 PM

Category Fulfillment: I

Black and White Tin Typestyle photograph of St. Luke Penny's Savings Bank, one of the first black-owned banks in the United States

HIST 518: Capitalism and the Black Experience

This history course explores the experiences that define the African American relationship to American capitalism. Lectures will provide brief histories and conceptual framework for your readings. This background will help you understand and explore how black identity, culture, and politics interact with economy. The class begins with the slave trade and ends in the present. It explains and analyzes how African American theories of capitalism and economic development were intimately tied to the movement for freedom. Students will learn how African Americans address issues around slavery, housing, banking, capitalism/socialism, underground economy, and gentrification.