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Proposed Courses for Fall 2019 

Classes in blue have a previous semester's syllabus attached to give an idea of what to expect.

The acutal syllabus for the class will be different.

HIST 104 -Intro to African History    INSTRUCTOR: Ochwada, Hannington
HIST 110 -Introduction to Non-Western History: Ancient Eygpt    INSTRUCTOR: Schwaller, Rachel
HIST 114 -Renaissance to Revolution:  Europe 1500-1789    INSTRUCTOR: Corteguera, Luis
HIST 121 -Modern Latin America    INSTRUCTOR: Cushman, Greg
HIST 128 -History of the United States Through the Civil War    INSTRUCTOR: Isenberg, Drew
HIST 129 -History of the United States After the Civil War    INSTRUCTOR: Farber, David
HIST 160 -Introduction to West African History            INSTRUCTOR: Ochwada, Hannington
HIST 177 -First Year Seminar: Century of Protest    INSTRUCTOR: Brown, Marie
HIST 177 -First Year Seminar: Searching for Sustainability    INSTRUCTOR: Gregg, Sara
HIST 177 -First Year Seminar: Train to iPhone: Culture, Space and Time in Machine Age     INSTRUCTOR: Wood, Nathan
HIST 201 -Writing the Past-Category I/Western Topics:  _____    INSTRUCTOR: 
HIST 202 -Writing the Past-Category II/Non-Western Topics:  _____    INSTRUCTOR: 
HIST 203 -Speaking the Past-Category I/Western Topics: Christianity in American Life    INSTRUCTOR: Schwaller, Rachel
HIST 204 -Speaking the Past-Category II/Non-Western Topics:  _____    INSTRUCTOR: 
HIST 230 -Sex, Gender, Film and History    INSTRUCTOR: Bailey, Beth
HIST 300 -Modern Africa    INSTRUCTOR: Ochwada, Hannington
HIST 301 -The Historian's Craft    INSTRUCTOR: Hagel, Jonathan
HIST 301 -The Historian’s Craft    INSTRUCTOR: Kuznesof, Betsy
HIST 303 -Sin Cities    INSTRUCTOR: Rosenthal, Tony
HIST 324 -History of Women and the Body    INSTRUCTOR: Vicente, Marta
HIST 328 -The Modern Middle East    INSTRUCTOR: Brown, Marie
HIST 332 -Sex in History    INSTRUCTOR: Forth, Christopher
EVRN 332 -Environmental Law    INSTRUCTOR: Gregg, Sara
HIST 340 -The History of the Second World War    INSTRUCTOR: Lewis, Adrian
HIST 341 -Hitler and Nazi Germany    INSTRUCTOR: Denning, Andrew
HIST 345 -Great Depression    INSTRUCTOR: Hagel, Jonathan
HIST 362 -The American Way of War Since World War II    INSTRUCTOR: Lewis, Adrian
HIST 397 -From Mao to Now    INSTRUCTOR: Greene, Megan
HIST 399 -The Samurai    INSTRUCTOR: Rath, Eric
HIST 412 -Civil War in America,1828-1877    INSTRUCTOR: Weber, Jennifer
HIST 501 - Topics in Western History: The Seventies    INSTRUCTOR: Hagel, Jonathan
HIST 580 -Economic History of Latin America     INSTRUCTOR: Kuznesof, Betsy
HIST 690 -Honors Course in History    INSTRUCTOR: Warren, Kim
HIST 696 -Seminar in: World History    INSTRUCTOR: MacGonagle, Liz
HIST 696 -Seminar in: American History    INSTRUCTOR: moran, jeff
EVRN 700 - The Anthropocene    INSTRUCTOR: Cushman, Greg
HIST 801 -Colloquium in: US Military, War & Society    INSTRUCTOR: Bailey, Beth
HIST 801 -Colloquium in: Nationalism and Identity    INSTRUCTOR: Wood, Nathan
HIST 802 -Research Seminar: History    INSTRUCTOR: Levin, Eve
HIST 805 -The Nature of History    INSTRUCTOR: Denning, Andrew
HIST 879 -Colloquium on North American Environmental History    INSTRUCTOR: Isenberg, Drew
HIST 895 -Colloquium in the History of Gender    INSTRUCTOR: Warren, Kim
HIST not teaching -    INSTRUCTOR: Jahanbani, Sheyda
HIST Not Teaching FMLA -    INSTRUCTOR: Schwaller, Robert
HIST  -    INSTRUCTOR: Roediger, David


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