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Forthcoming Work


Beth Bailey, “The U.S. Army and “the Problem of Race”:  Afros, Race-Consciousness, and Institutional Logic,” Journal of American History.


Beth Bailey, Pearl Harbor and the Attacks of December 8, 1941: A Pacific History, co-edited with David Farber, University Press of Kansas.


Cushman, Gregory T. Los señores del guano: Una historia ecológica global del Pacífico. Rev. ed. Translated by Juan Rodríguez Piñeiro. Lima: Instituto de Estudios Peruanos, in press. [expected publication date late 2018]



Andrew Denning, "'Life is Movement, Movement is Life!': Mobility Politics and the Circulatory State in Nazi Germany.” American Historical Review123 (5).


Andrew Denning, “Mobilizing Empire: The Citroën Central Africa Expedition and the Interwar Civilizing Mission. Technology and Culture 61(1).


David Farber, Crack: A History, New York: Cambridge University Press, forthcoming (2019)


David Farber and Beth Bailey, Pearl Harbor and the Attacks of December 8, 1941: A Pacific History, co-edited with Beth Bailey, Lawrence: University Press of Kansas, in press, 2019


David Farber and Beth Bailey, “The Attack on Pearl Harbor . . . and Guam, Wake Island, Philippines, Thailand, Malaya, Singapore, and Hong Kong: December 7/8, the Pacific World, American Empire, and the American Political Imaginary,” in Pearl Harbor and the Attacks of December 8, 1941: A Pacific History, co-edited with Beth Bailey, Lawrence: University Press of Kansas, in press, 2019


Christopher E. Forth, Fat: A Cultural History of the Stuff of Life (London: Reaktion, 2019).


Christopher E. Forth, “Corpulence, Modernity and Transcendence in the Early Twentieth Century,” in Justyna Jajszczok and Aleksandra Musiał, eds., The Body in History, Culture, and the Arts (London: Routledge).


Christopher E. Forth, “The Fat Imaginary in Trump’s America: Matter, Metaphor, and Animality,” Cultural Politics, special issue “Consuming Materialities: Bodies, Boundaries and Encounters.”


Sara Gregg, “Visualizing the Enlarged Homestead Act:  Cartographic Evolutions in Early-Twentieth-Century U.S. Land Policy,” in Mapping Nature Across the Americas, James Akerman and Kathleen Brosnan, eds., University of Chicago Press 


Sara Gregg, “Beyond Stories:  Spatial Inquiries and the Practice of Environmental History,” in A Field on Fire:  Essays on the Future of Environmental History Inspired by the Work of Donald Worster, ed. Mark Hersey and Ted Steinberg, University of Alabama Press 


Andrew Isenberg, "’A land of hardship and distress’: Camels, American Desert Lands, and the Limits of Conquest," Global Environment.


Andrew Isenberg, "The Environment, the United States, and the World in the Nineteenth Century," in Jay Sexton and Kristin Hoganson, eds., The Cambridge History of America in the World, Volume II: 1812-1900 (Cambridge University Press).


Andrew Isenberg. "The Real Wealth of the World: Hydraulic Mining and the Environment in the Circum- Pacific Goldfields," in A Global History of the Gold Rushes, ed. Stephen Tufnell and Benjamin Mountford (University of California Press, 2018).


Sheyda Jahanbani, "The Poverty of the World:” Discovering the Poor at Home and Abroad, 1935-1973 (Oxford University Press).


Eric C. Rath, “The Arts of the State in Late Medieval Japan,” in Revised Cambridge History of Japan, vol. 1, ed. Hitomi Tonomura  (Cambridge University Press, 2020).


Eric C. Rath, “Food Fights, But it’s Always for Fun in Early Modern Japan” in Tokugawa World, ed. Gary Leupp.  (New York: Routledge Press, 2019).


Eric C. Rath, “Writing an “International” Cuisine in Japan: Murai Gensai’s 1903 Culinary Novel Kuidōraku,” in Culinary Nationalism in Asia, ed. Michelle King (London: Bloomsbury, 2019).


David Roediger,The Unhappy History of the Middle Class, OR Books. 


David Roediger, The General Strike of the Slaves and Freedom for All: The Emancipationist Impulse and the Civil War, Verso Books. 


Anton Rosenthal, “Sin Cities: From History to Sociology to Urban History, An Interdisciplinary Journey in Teaching,” Journal of Urban History.


Robert C. Schwaller, "Contested Conquests: African Maroons and the Incomplete Conquest of Hispaniola, 1519-1620," The Americas (Oct. 2018).


Erik Scott, “The Hijacking of Aeroflot Flight 244: Cold War Borders in the Jet Age.” Past & Present


Erik Scott, “Playing with Difference: Georgian Footballers and Multiethnic Soviet Soccer in the Cold War.” In The Global History of Sport in the Cold War, edited by Robert Edelman and C. J. Young. Stanford: Stanford University Press.


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