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A list of our faculty, alphabetically by last name. To view faculty sorted by area of expertise, please use the list on the left. Office hours  can be found here.

Foundation Distinguished Professor , Director, Center for Military, War, and Society Studies
Wescoe Hall, Room 3636

Military and US society; War and Society; History of Gender and Sexuality; Recent US History.

Office Hours Fall 2019: Tu.Th. 2:30-4:00

Associate Professor
Wescoe Hall, Room 3644

Modern Middle East; Gender and Sexuality; Dress and Body Culture; Imperialism in Africa and the Middle East.

Office Hours Fall 2019: Tu. 2:30-4:00 & W 2:00-3:30


Luis Corteguera
Professor , Associate Chair
Wescoe Hall, Room 3630

Early Modern Europe; Spain. 

Office Hours Fall 2019: Consultation hours by appointment only.

Gregory T. Cushman
Associate Professor
Wescoe Hall, Room 3634

Environmental History; Latin America since 1450; History of Science, Technology, and Engineering; The Pacific World; Indigenous Peoples; Global History.

Office Hours Fall 2019: Tu.Th. 11-12:30 & by appointment

Andrew Denning
Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies
Wescoe Hall, Room 2610

Twentieth-century Europe (Germany, France and Italy); mobility; environment; technology; leisure: consumerism; empire 

Office Hours Fall 2019: MW 1:00-3:30 Schedule through

Roy A. Roberts Distinguished Professor
Wescoe Hall, Room 3628

Modern U.S. History

Office Hours Fall 2019: MW 2:00-3:30

Christopher E. Forth
Professor, Dean's Professor of Humanities
Bailey Hall, Room 303F

Cultural history of gender, sexuality, the body, and the senses; modern France, Britain and America; European intellectual and cultural history.

Office Hours Fall 2019: Tu.Th. 8:00-9:30 & by appointment

Charles W. Battey Distinguished Professor of History, Director, Hall Center for the Hunamities
900 Sunnyside Avenue, Room 204

Director of the Hall Center for the Humanities and Charles W. Battey Distinguished Professor of History at the University of Kansas.

J. Megan Greene
Associate Professor, Director of Faculty Programs, Office of International Programs.
Wescoe Hall, Room 3632

Modern China and East Asia; the history of the Republic of China under the KMT both in China and on Taiwan; nation and state-building projects in the areas of science and the economy, academia, and ideology.

Office Hours Fall 2019: Tu. 1:00-2:00 & W. 2:00-3:00 & by appointment

Sara Gregg
Associate Professor
Wescoe Hall, Room 3620

Environmental history of North America; agricultural history.

Office Hours Fall 2019: M 12:45-1:45 & W 12:30-2:00

Assistant Teaching Professor
Wescoe Hall, Room 3601

Modern U.S. History; American cultural and intellectual History; The Great Depression; sports and movies

Office Hours Fall 2019: Tu. 11:00-1:00

Hall Distinguished Professor of American History
Wescoe Hall, Room 3638

Environmental History; North American West; Borderlands; Native Americans

Office Hours Fall 2019: M 2:00-3:30 & W 11:00-12:30

Associate Professor
Wescoe Hall, Room 3614

History of the U.S. and the world (1776-2001); modern U.S. history; the U.S. and the "third world;" global poverty, social policy, social reform.

On leave for the Fall 2019 semester.

Elizabeth A. Kuznesof
Wescoe Hall, Room 3610

Brazil; history of family; women and childhood; colonial Latin America; comparative social history. 

Office Hours Fall 2019: MW 2:00-3:30

Professor Eve Levin
Professor, Department Chair
Wescoe Hall, Room 3608

Pre-modern Russia and Eastern Europe; gender and sexuality; popular culture; Orthodox Christianity; medicine in Russia and the Balkans.

Office Hours Fall 2019: Consulation Hours W 1:00-3:30 & by appointment

David B. Pittaway Professor in Military History
Wescoe Hall, Room 3618

20th century warfare; World War II; the Cold War; the Korean War; the Vietnam War; operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Office Hours Fall 2019: MW 2:00-3:00 & by appointment

Elizabeth MacGonagle
Associate Professor, Director of the Kansas African Studies Center
Wescoe Hall, Room 3626

African history; comparative black history; social and cultural history; gender studies.

Office Hours Fall 2019: W 8:45-9:45 & 1:30-3:00

Jeffrey P. Moran
Wescoe Hall, Room 3612

Modern US history; cultural and intellectual history; history of education; public health; religion; evolution; sexuality.

Office Hours Fall 2019: Tu.Th. 12:30-1:30 & by appointment

Wescoe Hall, Room 3624

Premodern Japan; social and cultural history; food history; traditional performing arts.

Office Hours Fall 2019: Consultation Hours by appointment only.

David Roediger
Foundation Distinguished Professor
Bailey Hall, Room 213

Race, ethnicity, labor, 19th century US. 

Office Hours Fall 2019: Th. 1:00-3:00 & by appointment

Anton Rosenthal
Associate Professor
Wescoe Hall, Room 2612

History of cities; social and cultural history of Latin America; global history. 

Office Hours Fall 2019: Tu.Th. 2:30-4:00 & by appointment


Religion in the US, US History, Scriptural Interpretation, Conservative Evangelicalism, American Studies, Economics, Neoliberalism, Race and Religion, 20th Century US; Ancient World with a focus in Ancient Egypt and Ancient Mesopotamia, Biblical Studies

Office Hours Fall 2019: M, 10:00-1:00 and by appointment


Robert C. Schwaller
Associate Professor, Undergraduate Director
Wescoe Hall, Room 3640

Mexico, Central America, Caribbean; intellectual and social history of race; African Diaspora in Latin America; ethnohistory of Mesoamerica.

Office Hours Fall 2019: On leave for Fall 2019 semester, by appointment only.


Erik R. Scott
Associate Professor
Wescoe Hall, Room 3622

Modern Russia, Eurasia, and the Soviet Union; migration and diaspora; borders; comparative empires

Office Hours Fall 2019: On leave for Fall 2019 semester.

Marta V. Vicente
Blake Hall, Room 322

History of women, gender and sexuality in Spain; European women's history from the 1600s to the present; feminist theory; gender and sexuality, transgender history.

Office Hours Fall 2019: By appointment only-email instructor to set up appointment.

Kim Warren
Associate Professor
Wescoe Hall, Room 3616

History of gender and race in African American and Native American education; history of Kansas; United States history; women's history; citizenship and American identity; race and gender relations; identity development in the African Diaspora; social, civil rights, and reform movements.

Office Hours Fall 2019: Consultation Hours, by appointment only.

Nathan Wood
Associate Professor
Wescoe Hall, Room 3642

19th and 20th century Eastern Europe; Poland; modern Europe; urban and cultural history; speed and transportation technologies.

Office Hours Fall 2019: Tu. 1:00-4:00 & by appointment

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